Swensons’ New Hilliard Location

There have been many questions surrounding the new Swensons’ restaurant going in adjacent to J.W. Reason. “The Hilliard City School District proactively reached an agreement with the developers to protect the safety of our students at J.W. Reason Elementary,” said Superintendent John Marschhausen. He added, “The agreement provides sidewalks on both the east and west side of the property, access controls during school hours, and yearly maintenance support for the access to the district driveway.”

Deputy Superintendent Mike McDonough will be meeting with the developers in the very near future to work through a timeline. We have been intentional with the improvements needed and the protections required. We had our legal counsel work with their legal counsel and drafted an agreement that was approved by our Board and the developers.

“While the School District supports new commercial development in our community, our first duty is to look out for the safety of the students, staff and parents who use school facilities,” said Board President Paul Lambert. “We are satisfied that the agreement we reached with the developer achieves the goal. All costs associated with these improvements will be covered by the developers per the agreement.”