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Acting Improv 101

Teacher: Mary Ann Best
Description: Have fun with basic acting exercises as you learn to use your voice, body, and imagination to “become” another character. Unlock your creativity and confidence as you develop your acting skills and valuable communication techniques. You’ll perform student-created scenes while we have FUN! There will be props and costume pieces—you only need to bring your imagination!  No theatre experience necessary! The class is taught by Ms. Best, a 7th grade Language Arts teacher with a degree in theatre and many years of acting and directing experience. Students will have fun getting to know other 4th through 6th graders as we act out funny scenarios and gain confidence in expressing ourselves in front of others. Come join the FUN!
Grade Level(s): 4th- 6th
Max Class Size: 20
Session: AM only

Art Makers Workshop

Teacher: Amanda Schaeffer
Description: Have you ever wanted to just hang out and make some art?  If so, this is the class for you! Through the art makers workshop, you will have the opportunity to develop your creativity and art skills using a variety of materials and processes such as painting, printmaking, sculpting, drawing, photography and ceramics.  You will also learn how to present your artwork professionally through social media and a final art exhibition. Come get your art on and make new friends in Art Makers Workshop!
Grade Level(s): 5th- 6th
Max Class Size: 25
Session: AM only

Create Your Own Lego Movie!

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment.

Teacher: Jennifer Leahy and MaryBeth Shultz
Description:  BRING YOUR OWN LEGOS! We will be using stop motion to create our own Lego movies. Students will write their own storyboard to create their movie. It will be shown to the class on our last day of camp. Please remember to bring your own legos beginning on the first day of class!
Grade Level(s): k- 6th
Max Class Size: 24
Session: AM and PM

Fun Movement in the Sun!

Teacher: Laura Santagata
Description:  Exercise, sunshine, fresh air, laughter, & team-based FUN! Let’s get our kiddos together to learn yoga moves, tug-o-war games, pickle ball, relay races, capture the flag, scavenger hunts,  obstacle courses, and so much more!
Grade Level(s): 4th- 6th
Max Class Size: 25
Session: PM Only

Games Galore

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment.

Teachers: Patrick Baker
Description: Come have fun playing games from dodgeball, kickball, capture the flag to the latest in board games and card games. Come learn strategies to win, work together with your teams and have some fun!!
Grade Level(s): k- 6th
Max Class Size: 16
Session: AM and PM

Mystery and Messy Science!

Teachers: Bethany Stone
Description:  Do you love solving mysteries?! Do you love exploring science and the world around us?! Do you love getting messy and seeing things explode!? If so, this course is for you! In this course we will do hands on science experiments to explore and learn more about the world around us. We will also use our critical thinking skills to solve mysteries. We will have daily challenges (team competitions!) and fun creations (like slime and homemade lava lamps) to take home. Come get messy, learn about the world around you, and have fun!
Grade Level(s): 4th- 6th
Max Class Size: 15
Session: AM and PM

Spanish Fiesta: Songs, Games and Art

Teachers: Nancy Brown
Description: Come learn about Spanish!  We will use songs and games to learn basic vocabulary: colors, numbers, clothing, name, age, greetings, and more. We will also do crafts that teach us about Spanish culture: Guatemalan sand art, Guatemalan worry doll, and piñatas.
Grade Level(s): 4th- 6th
Max Class Size: 15
Session: AM and PM

Tennis 101

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment. 

Teachers: Colleen Baker
Description: Want to be the next SERENA WILLIAMS or RODGER FEDERER?? Students will learn the basics of tennis: forehands, backhands, serves etc.  Compete against other students in doubles tournaments. AND HAVE FUN! Come learn a lifelong sport that you can play no matter the skill level.  Plan to come prepared with a water bottle, snack, and tennis racquet. Please email colleen_baker@hboe.org if you need to borrow a tennis racquet.
Grade Level(s): 3rd- 6th
Max Class Size: 20
Session: PM Only

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