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Chemistry from the Kitchen

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment.

Teacher: Tammie Strawser
Description: Students will take ordinary kitchen and household items and perform experiments.  Snacks will be prepared daily using common items found in your kitchen. A few activities include:  making ice cream, dancing raisins, elephant soap and homemade bubbles.
Grade Level(s): 2nd- 4th
Max Class Size: 15
Session: AM Only

Create your Own Lego Movie!

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment.

Teacher: Jennifer Leahy and MaryBeth Shultz
Description: BRING YOUR OWN LEGOS! We will be using stop motion to create our own Lego movies. Students will write their own storyboard to create their movie. It will be shown to the class on our last day of camp. Please remember to bring your own legos beginning on the first day of class!
Grade Level(s): K- 6th
Max Class Size: 24
Session: AM and PM

Detective Science

Teacher: Erin Woods
Description:  Do you enjoy mysteries, science and having fun?  Then this class is for you! Young detectives will be using observation and creative thinking to investigate and solve crimes throughout the week!  We will dust for fingerprints, study soil samples, investigate liquids, examine handwriting samples, and discover clues left behind! In addition, we will play games like Alibi and Caught Red Handed. Let’s discover how science can help solve a mystery with activities that give you a firsthand look at how detectives and forensic scientists use science to solve real-life crimes.
Grade Level(s): 3rd- 5th
Max Class Size: 25
Session: AM and PM

Games Galore

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment.

Teacher: Patrick Baker
Description:  Come have fun playing games from dodgeball, kickball, capture the flag to the latest in board games and card games. Come learn strategies to win, work together with your teams and have some fun!!
Grade Level(s): k- 6th
Max Class Size: 16
Session: AM and PM

If I Ran the Zoo…

Teachers: Daniel Short and Shelby Kelly
Description: Have you ever wondered what all goes into designing a zoo? This is the course for you! In this course we will look into what all goes into putting together a zoo exhibit. From deciding what habitat would best fit your animal, to creating the animal you want, to building the exhibit– you will be running the zoo this week!
Grade Level(s): K- 4th
Max Class Size: 25
Session: PM Only (AM is closed to further enrollment)

Super Soccer Skills

Teachers: Hallie Pryor
Description: Join me to practice the basic skills of soccer! We will work on dribbling, passing, trapping, and shooting. Kids who do or do not have experience with the sport are all welcome. We will do drills, games, and of course scrimmage!
Grade Level(s): 3rd- 5th
Max Class Size: 15
Session: PM Only

Tennis 101

This course is now full and closed to further enrollment. 

Teachers: Colleen Baker
Description: Want to be the next SERENA WILLIAMS or RODGER FEDERER?? Students will learn the basics of tennis: forehands, backhands, serves etc.  Compete against other students in doubles tournaments. AND HAVE FUN! Come learn a lifelong sport that you can play no matter the skill level.  Plan to come prepared with a water bottle, snack, and tennis racquet. Please email colleen_baker@hboe.org if you need to borrow a tennis racquet.
Grade Level(s): 3rd-6th
Max Class Size: 20
Session: PM Only

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