Student Mental Health Help

Digital Wellness Month

As we continue with this national pandemic, we want to be sure our students and parents have the resources they need to keep our students healthy. Here are several ways you can get help.

First, our elementary school counselors are excited to share our new platform for Elementary Counseling Resources. This comprehensive, mental health and wellness folder provides resources for our parents to use with their student at home.

Here’s the link: Hilliard Elementary Counseling Resources

Next, Syntero is developing an updated plan of action based on recommendations from the CDC and the State of Ohio. As of now, Syntero has transitioned to Telehealth services across all programs (i.e. phone calls). Syntero will provide the following:

Prevention Services: All parents/guardians of students receiving prevention services will be contacted by a Syntero School Clinician via phone or email. The number and frequency of “meetings” will be determined based on the level of need of the student.

Phone Contact with Parents/Guardians:
– General check ins on students
– Reminders of healthy coping skills which parents can reinforce with children at home
– Helpful for children to keep as much normalcy as possible
– Provide lists of fun activities to do while at home
– Resources for parents in managing any student anxiety
– Provide crisis hotlines as needed

As a reminder, Syntero does NOT provide crisis or ‘on-call’ services within Franklin County. Syntero School Clinicians will be available during regular school hours.

Also, here is the list of school counselors. You can reach out to anyone for more specific help, and or guidance.


Alton Darby Jenna Wyskiver

Avery Jeffrey Williams

Beacon Jill Schlotterer

Britton Melissa Eschman

Brown Courtney Bassett

Hilliard Crossing Beth Watts

Chelsey Steiner

Darby Creek Jenna Wyskiver

Hoffman Trails Laurie Hawley

Horizon Abby Gallant

JW Reason Jeffrey Williams

Chelsey Steiner

Norwich Melissa Eschman

Ridgewood Courtney Bassett

Scioto Darby Nicole Ernest

Washington Laurie Hawley

Sixth Grade Station Alex Basiakos

Team C, U, A, S

Amy Graber

Team O, G, R, 26

Tharp Sixth Grade Taryn Price

Heritage Middle School Michael Daubenmier

Kerry Mendenhall

Memorial Middle School Stephanie Bobek

Carolyn DiSalvo

Weaver Middle School Laurie Abele

Lori Porter

Bradley High School

Darby High School

Davidson High School