Student Gatherings March 14

Over the past few weeks our building principals have been actively engaging student leaders with how best to honor the students from Parkland, Florida. Each of our high schools have come up with student driven plans, unique to their school culture. We understand that not every parent will agree with our plans. Our objective is to live our country’s de facto motto, E pluribus unum, “Out of many, one.” Our focus is our students, not politics. There are many ideas; we have partnered with these high school students to plan one gathering. We are not facilitating a walkout, we are planning respectful gatherings as teachable moments . . . we are working with students to find their voice in a safe, dignified, and intentional way.

Hilliard Bradley students will hold a moment of silence at 10 am. Later in the day, they will allow students who are interested gather in the stadium to memorialize those killed in Parkland and in other school shootings. Mrs. Mordarski will say a few words and two other students will speak. Their choir will sing and then they will ring a bell 17 times.

Hilliard Darby students will begin with a moment of silence at 10 am. They will also host a gathering in their stadium. On the walk to the stadium they will pass through the cafeteria where there will be a memorial with 17 candles to honor the students who lost their lives in Parkland. There will be songs from their choir and a few student speakers.

Hilliard Davidson student leaders will offer students a plan to leave class and gather in at 10 am for 17 minutes. The students that choose to participate will be back in class immediately after the gathering. There will be staff members with these students for supervision. Those who choose not to participate will stay in school supervised by other members of the staff.

If you as a parent wish to engage your elementary, sixth and middle school student you will need to come into the school and sign them out as with any other absence. It will be considered excused. We are not facilitating or permitting walkouts or gatherings at the elementary, sixth grade, or middle school level. Also, please understand that all of these in-school activities are closed to the public. While we understand that some parents and/or community members are interested in showing support for our students’ efforts, for safety and control purposes these are in-school events and not open to the public.