Strong Families, Strong Community, Strong Schools

Hilliard City Schools

Ridgewood elementaryThere are a great many people talking about accountability for school districts. The media, political leaders and political pundits frequently bring attention to the education of children. Honestly, I welcome the attention. I am appreciative for the awareness that education holds the key to our nation’s future. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the monumental responsibility that educators accept each and every day. Our teachers are heroes – they shape the future.

As I have the opportunity to become acclimated to our new surroundings, I am increasingly impressed with the true sense of community. It is impossible for strong, successful school districts to operate in isolation. It is unfeasible for a strong community to have poor schools. High quality schools require pride and support in the community as a whole. This pride is evident in the Hilliard Schools Community. Pride, honor and commitment are essential traits for our young people to cultivate and develop. These character traits begin in our homes – with our families. School success isn’t accidental; school success is the result of parental involvement, community support, teacher dedication and support staff commitment.

In the coming months we will be reflecting on school report cards, student performance on state assessments and district rankings. These are important measurers that are part of Hilliard School’s story. But we must also take the time to reflect as a community. We must celebrate our pride in Hilliard Schools. We must spend time engaging in conversations about what we except from our schools and the type of experience we want our children to have. What makes this community special is the Hilliard Way – a true partnership between families, community and schools. Together we are working to have Hilliard City Schools’ students Ready for Tomorrow.