Stone Lab

students on a boat checking water quality

The Hilliard Sixth Grade buildings partner up with The Ohio State University to offer students a science extension opportunity called Stone Laboratory. Students engage in authentic learning activities that align directly to the 6th grade Life and Earth Science curriculum among other critical skills and concepts within the field of science. While at Stone Lab, these students from Station analyzed Lake Erie’s water quality as well as focused on the rock composition that makes up Gibraltar Island. The students also dissected fish as a part of their ichthyology course.

All of the experiments and learning opportunities reiterated the significance of collecting accurate and meaningful data as a scientist to help develop a valid conclusion or resolve a problem. Among the stellar connections that Stone Lab offers, students were also challenged to learn about invasive species and how humans, among many other things, have affected our food chains, water quality, etc. These partnerships with our local Universities are a prime example of how we prepare all students to be Ready for Tomorrow.