‘Sticky Hooks’ at Darby Creek

students being recorded learning a song

How can we teach students in a multi-sensory way to help them better learn math, science, social studies, or just about any subject matter concept? At Alton Darby we embed the concept in a ‘sticky hook’ melody and add kinesthetic actions. When we use the visual, auditory, and movement modalities, kids will remember their learning years down the road. That’s what we do and ‘Sticky Hooks’ are being used by first graders through seniors in high school. One of our graduating seniors even recently used the Median and Mode song during her SAT testing! Songs such as Forces and Motion, Homonyms, Perimeter, Area, and Volume, and others allow our students to learn in the style that fits them best. We’re excited to keep writing academic content songs and kids will keep on singing, dancing, and learning! Credit must be given to Susie Scott at Darby Creek Elementary and Phil Nagy with Academy Vibe at the Innovation Campus. You can watch one of the videos to see just how catchy the tunes are.