STEM at Station

picture of toothpick bridge

Recently Station students completed the toothpick bridge science and engineering activity. This gives students time for thinking about a problem (What is the most effective way to design a bridge) researching it and discovering what has previously existed. Then the real work, planning and designing their own unique idea and then test it for durability.

Strength, durability and utility of materials are contingent on the unique properties of that material, as well as how various structures are designed, such as trusses. That is true for all of the building activities that we share with STEM students. Through STEM, students acquire a set of skills that extend their ability to better understand various physical systems in and around their community.

Students often comment about how quickly the STEM period goes. Frequently students will thank their STEM teachers for bringing various activities to the classroom. They enjoy working with other students on challenges. Their pre-existing skills come into play and can be utilized during their STEM class. Therefore, it is rewarding as well as preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow.