Staff Safety Training Day

On Monday, August 20, the Hilliard School District in partnership with the Hilliard Division of Police and the Norwich Township Fire Department will conduct a full scale Safety Training Day.

Our staff of more than 1900 employees will participate in multiple scenarios at Darby High School throughout the day. These will be live training drills for our teachers, our police, and our fire & rescue teams. The drills are unknown to all but a handful of people. The sights, sounds, and smells will be real. It is going to be a difficult, emotional day for all of these dedicated professionals, but it is required.

We want our teams to drill our response; to rehearse how they will feel and react. We want each teacher, secretary, custodian, and principal to return to their space and reflect on what would be required of them.

Our Central Office, at 2140 Atlas Street, will be closed on August 20 at 11am. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

This short video with Superintendent John Marschhausen, Police Chief Robert Fisher and Fire Chief Jeff Warren is a brief introduction our staff will view prior to safety day. Our pledge to our community is continued partnership with our law enforcement officials, reflection on each exercise with opportunities for improvement, and transparent communication regarding the scope of our efforts.