IMPORTANT – iPad Turn in information

Our iPad and book drop-off day for SDE is Wednesday, May 27. We need your help to make this day go smoothly. Please read this message in it’s entirety, as it is full of important information. We have put a great deal of time into thinking through as many of the details as we can and we appreciate your cooperation.
When should I arrive?
In an effort to control traffic, we have designated two-hour blocks of time for families to drive through based on last name. Please do your best to adhere to these times when driving over to drop off your student items. No foot traffic please. We are asking all families to arrive in a vehicle.
8am-10am:  Last Name A-C
10am-12pm:  Last Name D-H
12pm-2pm:  Last Name I-M
2pm-4pm:  Last Name N-S
4pm-6pm:  Last Name T-Z
DROP OFF MAP:  SDE-iPadCollectionDay
What should I do ahead of time before coming to school?
It is our hope that you will prepare ahead of time so that we can keep the drop-off line running smoothly and efficiently. Here is a checklist to follow before arriving:
  • Make sure your student’s iPad has been backed up and erased (these directions will be shared with students through Canvas.) Please bring your child’s iPad, brick, and charging cord. There will be an iPad return station.
  • Place any items your child has borrowed from their teacher in a bag and place the teacher’s name on the bag. Many students may not have anything to return, but some may have classroom books, dry erase boards, etc…) There will be a drop station for returning teacher belongings.
  • Collect all school library books. Keep those books separate from other items you are returning. If you are unsure of what books your child has checked out, lists are being sent to parents via e-mail on May 15 and 22. There will be a library book drop station.
  • Write your family’s last name in large dark letters on a sheet of paper and place it in your front windshield where it will be visible to staff when you are driving through. This will be helpful at each station but especially at the student belonging collection area.
What should I expect when I arrive?
The drop-off day traffic will follow the same pattern as car rider drop off/pick up. There will only be one entrance and one exit. Please be patient and expect stop and go traffic at each station. Do not attempt to go around anyone. Drivers will enter from the High School Drive entrance that is closest to Cemetery Rd. Drivers will then wind through a single file line taking the same route that is typically followed at car rider drop off/pick up. However, the route will continue around the front of the building, with the final station at the front entrance area of the building. Student belongings will be returned at the front entrance, as we will ask you to remotely open the trunk and a staff member will place student items in the trunk. Vehicles will then exit onto Scioto Darby Rd. at what is typically the entrance for buses on school days.
****We are asking that no one exit the car.*** We have planned station set-up in a way that you can do all interacting though the driver side window. We are also asking that drivers wear a mask if possible, as there will be limited interaction between staff and drivers at some stations. Our staff will also be wearing masks and gloves. Also, we encourage you to bring your students in the car so they can wave goodbye to the staff. While not all staff members will be there at all times, your child will likely see some familiar faces.  We will be wearing our Hawaiian shirts and tropical gear (and there may even be a few flamingo and palm tree sightings!)
What happens if I am working all day and cannot make it to school on May 27?
We will be in the building on the 28th and 29th as well. If you need to stop by on one of those days, simply bring your items in bags and ring the front bell. A staff member will meet you at the door with your student(s) belongings, and collect your iPad(s) and book(s.)
Thank you so much for your help with this process! We will see you on May 27!
Holly Meister

Scioto Darby ES
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@holly_meister on Instagram