Digital Wellness ThoughtExchange

Digital Wellness Month

In today’s world, getting students ready for a balanced digital lifestyle is essential to success at work as well as in life. Students need to learn how to interact socially, personally, and educationally in both face-to-face and online environments. With all of the new opportunities (and challenges) that are possible through digital learning spaces, social media, and online interaction, students should master these skills through the lens of health and digital wellness.

We recognize February as Digital Wellness Month.  We want to hear from our parents and community, what aspects of digital wellness do you feel are important for us to focus on.  What would you like to see taught more in school, and what more do you as an adult want to learn about.

Please take just a few minutes to participate in our ThoughtExchange so we can hear from you.  Then be sure to star, or rate, other comments so we know which are the biggest hot button concerns in our schools.