Breakfast Program

This is a reminder that students who are approved for Free or Reduced lunch pricing will also receive breakfast free of charge. And, at $1.25, breakfast is still a bargain for students who pay full price. Each day we offer four food components; two bread / grains, fruit, and milk. We offer a variety of breakfast choices, including hot breakfast sandwiches, graham crackers w/ yogurt smoothies or cereal, and breakfast breads, fruit, and milk. To qualify for a breakfast meal, students must take a fruit side. They must then select at least two of the remaining three components to make a meal. Combinations can include a two bread / grain entrée and fruit; one bread, fruit, and milk; or they can take all four components.

A hungry student is a distracted student. Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast is the best way to prepare students to learn. Please take advantage of this opportunity to help your child start the day off on the right foot.