Ridgewood Student Wins Engineering Contest

Gibson being presented with award

A second grade student was the first prize winner of the second Grade Engineering Coloring Contest through the Engineers Foundation of Ohio, as the educational arm of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers the foundation sponsors this program yearly. It is a classroom presentation designed for second grade students so they may understand what engineers do.

They discuss basic engineering fields; interact with students about different engineering disciplines. They complete interactive demonstrations with the students to engage their learning in a hands on way. The experts work with the teacher on current lesson plans, the six simple machines are introduced, simple examples are shown of each, and a compound machine (catapult) is presented made up of simple machines. Force and motion is introduced with both rolling and sliding friction. Aerodynamics are also discussed with the changing its shape concept from a flat wing to a circular wing.

The coloring contest is a bonus for the students and a big win for Gibson. It is just one more way to introduce a potential career down the road to some of our younger students.