R Factor Worksheet For Parents

Hilliard City Schools

Slide1On Sunday evenings the Hilliard City School District will continue our Community R-Factor Training at Darby High School at 7:00 PM. Many of our parents have asked for a brief overview of the training our students are going through so they can use the same program at home. Below is a link to an overview as well as a link to the Hilliard City School District’s VBO, or Values, Beliefs, Outcomes statement.

The R Factor Community Handout

Hilliard School’s VBO

Focus 3 and the Hilliard City School District are working together on this program. We have agreed to create materials, lessons, and documents that can be used to spread this work to a larger client base in the future. We are blessed to work with Tim and Brian Kight; they have dedicated time, expertise, and talent to our district. We are proud to be partners. Our work as a district is an “in kind” payment for Focus 3’s traditional fees; our agreement does not require any monetary payment to Focus 3.

These sessions continue every Sunday through October 23rd. While we’d love to see you at every session, we know the events of our lives require much of us. Feel free to attend all or any of these sessions.

Sunday, September 18th – Introduction from Christian Beam, Vice President of American Electric Power. Scott Daley will present Press Pause.

Sunday, September 25th – Introduction from Nino DiVincenzo, Vice President Stanley Steemer. Tim Kight will present Get Your Mind Right.

Sunday, October 2nd – Introduction from Ohio State University Head Baseball Coach Greg Beals. Superintendent John Marschhausen and Hilliard students will present Step Up.

Sunday, October 9th – Introduction from State Champion Field Hockey Coach Terri Simonetti. Tim Kight will present Adapt & Adjust.

Sunday, October 16th – Introduction from Ohio State University Head Women’s Swimming Coach Bill Dorenkottm. Tim Kight will present Build Skill.

Sunday, October 23rd – Introduction from John Rhodes, President of Refrigeration with Emerson Climate Technologies. Tim Kight will present Make a Difference.