Public Engagement – 2nd Assessment and Accountability Summit Scheduled

Hilliard City Schools

kids blog 3Testing and assessments have become a hot topic in education circles over the past year. In fact, testing and assessments have become a hot topic in many circles over the past year. PARCC, Smarter Balance, MAP, SRI, and Aspire have become common topics among teachers, PTOs and the media.

Hilliard hosted an Assessment and Accountability Summit in the fall . . . the interest was inspiring. We will be hosting a follow-up Summit on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:00 PM in the Heritage Middle School Commons. You input is important; we need to hear from you.

As a member of the Senate Advisory Committee on Testing and Assessment my first priority is representing our Hilliard Community. I have met with administrators and teachers; now, I want to hear from our community. We will be working together, as a large group, to identify the top priorities for me to take back to the Senate Committee. I am humbled to serve on the committee and honored to represent our great community.

It is important that we continue to engage in this conversation. We can’t give the impression that the current assessment schedule is acceptable to us. We can’t leave the door open for another year to pass without any changes. If you believe that changes need to be made – it’s time to give your concerns a voice. Yes, as an administrator, educator, and parent I have personal concerns. Nevertheless, I am not serving on this committee to represent me. I am serving to represent us . . . to represent Hilliard.

There are multiple ways you can let your voice be heard. You can attend the summit on April 7th and participate with the group. You can directly contract Representative Kunze, Representative Grossman, and Senator Hughes – let them know your thoughts and feelings. You can also visit the committee’s website by clicking here and provide input directly to the committee. In any event, please share your thoughts and let your voice be heard.