Power of the Team

Hilliard City Schools

powerWhen we commit to a course of action, we get behind it and apply ourselves with full force. No personal agendas. We will not agree on every decision, but we will commit to team decisions and align our efforts in one direction. Great things happen when we act in the best interest of the district. This requires a deep commitment to the Power of the Team. Here are the three key behaviors:

  1. Invest the time to care, listen, and communicate. Listening is one of the most important things we do. It is how we connect with our students and with each other. When we care about each other and we care about our students, we pay better attention and give better effort. When we listen to each other and to our students, we create valuable connections and build enduring bonds. We are proactive about communicating our ideas and perspectives, and we put the team first.
  2. Ask for help, give help. Make each other better. We support each other and invest in the growth and success of our colleagues. We ask, how can I help my colleagues be successful? We think and act in ways that motivate each other to perform at the next level. We are all responsible for creating a positive learning and working environment that inspires excellence. When we work together, we perform better.
  3. Respect differences. Diversity is important to us. Our district is a wonderful collection of people with different backgrounds. We value the perspectives of our colleagues & our community, and we actively seek to utilize those perspectives to solve problems, achieve goals, and navigate the future.

The outcome we achieve by behaving this way is that Hilliard is a great place to learn and great place to work.