Pathway to Performance

Hilliard City Schools

eroIn the coming weeks, months, and years you will continue to hear about our culture and values in the Hilliard School District. We began this journey together this summer when we began our partnership with Tim and Brian Kight of Focus 3.

As a district we have purposefully worked at defining our values – we want to be clear in what drives our behavior in the district and aligned with the essential work we do for our students. We have created our VBO, our statement that brings this clarity and focus about our Values, Behaviors, and Outcomes. Our culture will drive our behavior, our behavior will drive our results . . . our success is predicated on clarity of values and the culture we cultivate.

In early 2016 we will be bringing The R-Factor™ training to our professional staff. Our administrative team has been working with Tim and Brian Kight since the start of the school year; we are eager to bring this simple structure for decision making to our teachers and staff. We are also working with Focus 3 to bring The R-Factor™ to our students; we are creating a curriculum that will bring these life skills to over 16,000 young people.

The R-Factor™ is simple to understand. The reality is — you don’t control Events & you don’t control Outcomes. The only thing you can control is how you choose to Respond. E + R = O is just the way life works. Success goes to those who are able to manage the R.

For our parents, we are also planning parent events to share the message we are bringing to students. The culture in our district and our goal as educators is to build a partnership. As professional educators we know that the link between home and school is essential for our staff to best meet student needs. As we embark on this journey, here are some resources for those interested in additional information.

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden never focused on winning. He knew winning was a product of teamwork, focus, clarity of purpose and execution. For us, preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow isn’t about a single outcome or assessment . . . Ready for Tomorrow is a process. Ready for Tomorrow is a journey that doesn’t end when a student is handed a diploma. Ready for Tomorrow is a value . . . it is encompassed in our values . . . it is about continuing to pursue excellence each and every day.