PART III – We All Must Work Together

Hilliard City Schools

join_the_puzzle_crowd_1600_clr_10889Parenting is a tough job. While all of us would like to say our children always make reasonable decisions, it is unwise to ever say, “my child will never . . .” Parents need to stick together. If you see something on a social site, read something in a text message or hear something that makes you uneasy, please take the time to contact other parents. As a parent, I’d much rather have unpleasant conversations with another parent than wait for something worse to happen. Wouldn’t you appreciate a phone call that could spark a conversation with your own child?

We all have the opportunity to serve as role models, provide guidance and create a safer environment. We must be willing to make tough decisions with our children and with other children. Please don’t assume it is someone else’s problem – you wouldn’t want someone to assume that with your child. Yes, parents are often sleep deprived, stressed with crazy schedules and trying their best to get through the week. Nonetheless, our children deserve attention, support and guidance. It truly takes all of us working together and watching out for our community to keep our children safe and prepare them for an ever-changing world.

Our children today are faced to mature at an alarming rate. I often struggle with the fact that we force young people to grow up so quickly. We have middle school students taking high school classes, we have elementary aged students scheduled from dawn to dusk with travel sports teams, and have stricter limitations of time for play and creativity. We must do our best to allow children to stay young. This is an ongoing dialogue between parents, families and educators. My heart aches when I hear that a student isn’t continuing in art classes because it may hurt in class rank or when a student chooses not to participate in athletics to get a job. The experiences of youth – all of the experience – regardless if they take place in the classroom, on the stage or on the field, all contribute to ensuring our students are Ready for Tomorrow. Let’s work together to keep our young people safe, healthy, balanced and inspired for where ever the future takes them.