Middle School Online Courses


  • Language Arts 6
  • Honors Language Arts 6
  • Language Arts 7
  • Honors Language Arts 7
  • Language Arts 8
  • Honors Language Arts 8
  • EL-ELA 1, 2
  • Literacy Explorations 6, 7, & 8


  • Science 6
  • Science 7
  • Honors Science 7
  • Science 8
  • Honors Science 8


  • Math 6
  • Honors Math 6
  • Math 7
  • Accelerated Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Algebra 1 (HS course)
  • Geometry (HS course)


  • Social Studies 6
  • Social Studies 7
  • Honors Social Studies 7
  • Social Studies 8
  • Honors Social Studies 8


  • Physical Education 6
  • 2D Art 6, 7/8
  • Health 7/Physical Education 7
  • Media Awareness (HS course)
  • Digital Connections (HS course)


To meet the attendance requirement as a participant of the Online Academy program, students must be actively engaging and submitting coursework in all courses throughout each week. While there is flexibility within each week, students should engage and submit assignments by the end of the day on Friday. The expectations are clear and allow us to provide this flexible learning opportunity to students while aligning with attendance reporting to the state of Ohio.

Students in grades 6-12 will be marked as present or absent per week.

  • Attendance will be tracked based on a student's weekly engagement and participation in his/her Canvas courses.
  • For full-time Online Academy high school and middle school students, attendance is "all present," "half present," or "all absent" for the week, unless a parent/guardian notifies the school of illness or an acceptable excuse.
  • For half-time Online Academy high school students, attendance is “all absent” or “all present” for the week, unless a parent/guardian notifies the school of illness or an acceptable excuse.
  • Since each student’s schedule is unique and different courses have different requirements, there is not a set number of submissions to meet attendance requirements.  Each student’s schedule is taken into account when his/her attendance is determined.
  • Students may, but will not be required to, participate during traditional school hours.
  • Students will have 24-hour access to the course and are expected to engage and submit assessments daily (school days).
  • Attendance will be updated through Home Access on a weekly basis, at the beginning of the week based on the student's activity during the previous week.
  • Parents/guardians must contact the school if their student is ill or otherwise unable to participate in the online coursework for one or more school days.
  • Parents/guardians do not need to contact the school if a student is ill in the morning, but able to participate in the coursework later that day.
  • Parents will be notified if a student has been marked absent for the previous week. Unless notified of an illness or excused absence, students who will be marked as "unexcused."

Hilliard is using Safe Arrival, including Online Academy students. If you have an illness to report, use Safe Arrival to Report attendance.

Online Teacher

Sample Schedule to Help Guide Middle School Families

It is best practice for students to be engaging in online learning at times throughout the day when their classmates are also online.  Below is a sample of how a student’s day could be structured.

Example of a Middle School Traditional Schedule
Online Teacher

Grade 6-8 School Supplies

Recommended Supplies

This is a recommended (not required) school supply list:

  • 1 three ring binder
  • Dividers
  • 1 pkg. pencils
  • 1 ink pen
  • Ear buds
  • 1 pkg. 200 count notebook paper
  • Optional:  Stylus
  • Band/Orchestra: 1″ Binder with 25 plastic top-load sheet protectors
  • Hand held calculator, suggested would be  TI-30X IIS
Book List

The follow books are required for Language Arts classes:

Language Arts 7, Honors Language Arts 7
  1. Ghost (Jason Reynolds)
  2. A Long Walk to Water (Linda Sue Park)
  3. Freak the Mighty (Rodman Philbrick)
Language Arts 8
  1. Refugee (Alan Gratz)
  2. And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie)–ISBN: 978-0-06207348-8
    (Please be sure you purchase the copy of And Then There Were None that has the ISBN number listed.  Earlier editions of this classic novel contained culturally insensitive language and we do not want students to use those version.)
  3. The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton)
  4. Long Way Down (Jason Reynolds)
Honors Language Arts 8
  1. Salt to the Sea (Ruta Sepetys)
  2. And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie)–ISBN: 978-0-06207348-8
    (Please be sure you purchase the copy of And Then There Were None that has the ISBN number listed.  Earlier editions of this classic novel contained culturally insensitive language and we do not want students to use those version.)
  3. All American Boys (Jason Reynolds)
  4. Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)
Students can obtain these books through any preferred method. We do have a special discount from Cover to Cover, a local bookstore, through the links below. The books will be delivered to the school for free for your child to pick up.

Middle School Roles within the Online Academy


Expect to be scheduled into all courses (4 cores + 1 elective) in Canvas simultaneously, with weekly pacing expectations. 

While flexibility is available throughout each week, be prepared to use the “Week at a Glance” resources within each course and make daily progress.

Look for and attend instructional opportunities offered through Zoom, when appropriate.

Be prepared to engage in a balance between online and offline activities.

Communicate with your teachers regularly and attend their office hours, particularly when you are struggling.


Parents / GUardiAns

Provide a moderate level of student academic support while encouraging independence.

Set a schedule to provide age-appropriate structure and routine.

Encourage your student to attend instructional opportunities offered through Zoom.

Monitor student’s comprehension of the learning and grades (through Canvas).

Communicate, as needed, with your student’s teacher while supporting student/teacher communication.  Encourage your student to attend teachers’ office hours when needed.


Post high quality and age-appropriate online lessons daily through Canvas.

Provide timely and specific feedback for all online learning assessments through Canvas.

Ensure that navigation in the course is always age-appropriate and intuitive.

Post regular office hours through Zoom to be accessible to address student needs.

Announce and provide optional instructional opportunities through Zoom.

Be responsive in teaching in order to support each student’s individual growth.

Communicate with parents when intervention is needed.

Tips for a Successful Online Middle School Experience

Role of a Parent / Guardian

Middle school students may need a parent or other responsible adult for daily support throughout the online learning experience. This adult may need to help the student transition from a heavily-supported learning experience in school to a more independent learning experience online. This will include monitoring daily comprehension and progress.


Middle school students are more successful when routine is part of their daily lives. The classes in Canvas will be structured to help establish routines. But, daily and weekly schedules at home will help students succeed. A few weekly schedule examples have been provided. Use one of those, or create one that fits best with your family.




Clearly communicate what you expect from your middle school student. Students will need guidance as well as encouragement to be self-motivated and pro-active communicators when support is needed.  Middle school students are learning to be advocates for themselves.  This may be more of a challenge in the online environment, but is just as important.

Positive Interactions

Online middle school school students may require hands-on interaction with adults for success. You may need to be available to engage with your student. Be your child’s cheerleader. Even if you found a particular subject frustrating when you were in school, steer clear of sharing overly negative feelings. Model a positive, can-do attitude for your student. 


HCS offers support to both students and parents/guardians. There will need to be a strong partnership between the teachers and families. Reach out to your student’s teacher and ask for help when you need it.