Norwich Ecosystem Symposium

Hilliard City Schools

Student Ecosystem SymposiumFourth and Fifth grade student are studying Ohio ecosystems and how our lives are impacted by the changes we see in these ecosystems. Mr. Sparks and Mr. Kitchen are working with the Norwich Technology Teacher, Mrs. McClelland to guide students through a unit on ecosystems, food chains and food webs. The students and teachers are working together to fix an issue in an Ohio ecosystem.

For example, some are working on the endangerment of Rainbow Darters and how their extinction could impact the food web and their ecosystem. As one student notes in their conclusions, “The extinction of Rainbow Darters would make the things that they eat, like small snails, grow in population until they eat all the plants! That would mean the entire food web would collapse, or explode. Depends on us.”

Students are also working with Copper Belly Water Snakes, Indiana Bats, Black Bears, Zebra Mussels and many more. Late in March they held a symposium to convince others students to join the work to save these ecosystems. Allowing students to work collaboratively on real world research projects prepares them to be Ready for Tomorrow.