Naviance for Middle School Families

We are very excited to introduce Naviance and Family Connections to our middle level communities. Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness tool that will assist us as we continue to personalize each student’s educational journey. Naviance provides opportunities for students to explore their areas of interest and connect learning to life. We know that middle level education is a critical time for self-discovery, developing confidence and understanding why their education is relevant to their future goals.

College success begins with college awareness. During these pivotal years, it is important for students in middle school to know that college could one day be an option for them and ensure that high school is a productive time for college preparation.

Naviance helps middle school students to:

  • Gain college awareness
  • Explore college majors
  • Learn about admission requirements
  • Get excited about postsecondary education

The career planning and awareness tools in Naviance help students realize their strengths, goals and values, and develop interest in future careers. Get students on the right track and keep them there.

Naviance helps middle school students to:

  • Explore different careers
  • Connect interest to career clusters
  • Hear from leaders in their field
  • Begin to imagine their own future

Our middle level students and parents will receive login instructions and information beginning in November. Naviance will help your student begin to gain an awareness of the college search and planning process, explore college majors, learn about admission requirements, connect their interest to careers, develop self-knowledge and get excited about postsecondary options.

Each student 6-8 grade will begin by taking the Career Cluster Finder and the Learning Style Inventory over the next few months.

You can access the Naviance web page by clicking on your student’s school.

Hilliard Tharp

Hilliard Station

Hilliard Weaver

Hilliard Memorial

Hilliard Heritage

Note: When you visit the site for the first time:

  1. Click on the ‘I Need to Register’ link on the upper right,
  2. Enter your personal registration code you were assigned in the ‘Welcome to Naviance’ eMail that was sent to you and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own account.

We hope you find this resource helpful as your student navigates through the self-discovery phase of his/her educational journey. Look for a Naviance Parent Information Night in the Winter 2018.