Section Theory

Section Theory is a way to work on various important musical concepts in a way that allows differentiation and intervention opportunities. While there will be specific assignments for each month, students are encouraged to work on a variety of concepts in their practice time.

For Section Theory, all students need to have their iPads in class and charged on a daily basis. Along with using exercises provided on this webpage, the free apps needed are listed below (please create a BAND folder on your homepage to hold these apps). All required apps can be found in the App Portal on the student’s iPad.

*Notability (Ginger Labs)

*Quizlet- Flashcards & Study Tools (Quizlet LLC)

Rhythm Cat Lite HD- Learn to Read Music (Muse Limited)


Scales Tutor (Musikeys, LLC)


Metronome: Tempo Lite (Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.)


Genius Scan

Music Glossary (called Music Terms Lite on the HCS App Portal)

*Notability and Quizlet may be used by multiple teachers. If this is the case, put the app where it will be easily accessible for all classes.