Required Materials


With the exception of the first three days of school, students should expect to play their instruments daily in band. Each student is required to have their instrument and all instrument accessories with them each day.

Band Book

Each band member will be provided with a book that is used in class daily.

Band Binder

All Weaver Band Students are required to have a 3-ring binder. The binder should have pockets to hold the student’s band book.

Some students like to use page protectors to help keep concert music organized. These are NOT required. However, if a student would like to use them, approximately 10 page protectors should get them through the year.

It would also be helpful to have a zipper pouch to keep such items as mechanical pencils and extra lead. However, this is also NOT required.


Having a pencil in class each day is essential.

Some students have found that using wet erase markers on the page protectors can make marking music quicker/easier. As with the zipper pouch, this is not required.

iPad/Ear Buds

iPads and ear buds will be used on a daily basis. All students should have their charged iPad with them when they come to school each morning.

Positive Attitude

We learn more, and we learn more quickly, when we believe we can do it. Mrs. Davoll is going to ask you to step outside of your comfort zone. That means you are not going to always get it right the first time. Or second time. Or maybe even the 25th time. But, together, we will make it a little better each time.

As much as Mrs. Davoll needs you to believe in yourself, it is equally important that you believe in the other members of your band. Recognize that we each come to class with unique talents, skills, and levels of understanding. We also each come to class with unique fears and insecurities. BUT… if we commit to taking care of and believing in each other, there will be nothing to stop us from reaching our goals and having the opportunity to set new, more challenging goals in the future!