Class Expectations

1.  Be prepared to participate EVERY DAY!

2.  Bring all necessary equipment to class for each rehearsal:
instrument, binder, band book, pencil, iPad, ear buds, and a positive attitude.

3.  Be in assigned seat when the conductor steps on the podium.

4.  Take care of instruments, music, and room equipment.

5.  Before class begins, check the board for the daily plan. If your charged iPad is needed, have it on your stand. When those activities are completed, all iPads will be closed and placed under your chair. If your iPad is not needed, it should be placed under your chair immediately.

6.  Avoid choking:  No gum, candy, or food.

7.  Students should be good citizens who practice the following:
a.  Respect for self, peers, and teachers
b.  Attentiveness
c.  Consistent Effort
d.  Ability to work well with others

8.  Try your best each day.

9.  Take care of each other.

10. Be willing to risk. Risk making mistakes. Risk looking silly. Risk doing the right thing no matter who is looking. Your risk will lead to reward.

If you are going to make a mistake…
Make it big.
Make it bold.
Make it loud.
Make it proud.