Grading Policy

Band members earn points through concert attendance, daily participation, individual practice, 2 minutes theory, playing quizzes, research/creative projects, and equipment checks.


Practice Records are assigned each Monday and will be due the following Monday. In order to receive points, the record needs to be signed by the student.

To receive full credit on a practice record, students need to:

1. Upload the appropriate practice record into Notability.

2. Fill out the assignment portion (this information will be provided during class).

3. Complete at least 90 minutes each week.
Students will receive partial credit for any minute they practice.
Minutes from private lessons may only be used if the private lessons are for the student’s band instrument.
Students practicing more than 120 minutes in a week will receive extra credit for their extra effort.

4. Upload completed practice record to Canvas.

5. Begin the process again.


1. All students will have busy weeks that can make it difficult to practice the full 90 minutes assigned. Therefore, students will be given the opportunity to do a “Make-Up Practice Record” once per grading period.

2. If a student has extenuating circumstances (illness, broken instrument, out of town), please mark it on the practice record before submitting it to Canvas.

3. Parents are asked to assist their child in always being honest in completing practice records. It is essential for students to value their integrity above a grade.

4. There is no required parent signature. However, parents are encouraged to watch HomeAccess to verify all work is being turned.