Davidson High School 8th Grade Night

The purpose of this evening is to give students the opportunity to spend time with the high school band directors and members while getting a taste of the marching band. This is a required grade and will count as part of the first nine-weeks grade.

The permission slip and shirt size must be completed by August 30. Both links are at the bottom of this page. 


Wednesday, September 18
Davidson High School

At the end of the school day, students will go to the WMS band room to get organized before walking with Mrs. Davoll to Davidson High School. Parents are responsible for picking up their child at the end of rehearsal.

Students playing flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or tuba*:
These students will take all their belongings with them when they walk to Davidson. Parents will pick up their child at Davidson High School. If the weather is good, students will be at the Davidson band practice field, located behind the bus garage. If the weather is bad, students will be in the Davidson band room, located at the southwest corner of Davidson High School.

*Tubas will use a Davidson sousaphone for this event. Students will only need to have their mouthpiece. 

Students playing horn, baritone, or percussion:
Students will leave their belongings at Weaver during the rehearsal. At the conclusion of the rehearsal, they will walk back to Weaver with Mrs. Davoll to put their instruments away. Parents will pick up their child at the front entrance of Weaver Middle School.


Friday, September 20
4:45pm-after haltime
Davidson High School

A cookout will be held at 4:45pm for the 8th grade and high school band members. The students will then stay together until they perform at halftime of the football game. There will be cookies provided after the performance. At that point, students will be released from the band area. Because the football game is very crowded, it is important for students and parents to decide ahead of time which of the following options works best for them.

OPTION 1: Parent and student meet outside the gate to go home.
OPTION 2: Student enters the stands for the remainder of the game.

Following halftime, all students will be responsible for their own instruments.
Students will not be permitted to leave the stadium and get back in for free.

Since predicting the length of a football game is like predicting the weather, it is almost impossible to say when halftime will start or end. The best guess is that halftime will end between 8:00-8:15pm. Parents are, of course, invited and encouraged to purchase tickets and attend the game.



With the exception of tubas, all instruments will need to be transported by the students to and from the rehearsal and the game. Tuba players should bring their mouthpieces, Percussionists need to bring their sticks.


If the weather is nice, all cases should be left in the car. However, if it looks like it might rain, students who play woodwind instruments should bring cases with them. They will carry the case throughout the evening in order to protect their instrument.


Each student should wear jeans, socks, tennis shoes, and the shirt provided as a gift from the Davidson High School Band. Students can see Mrs. Davoll with questions.


If there is a PRACTICE athletes will be excused from practice in order to attend the band rehearsal. HOWEVER, IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE STUDENT TO CONTACT THE COACH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO INFORM THEM OF THIS CONFLICT. 

If there is a GAME, athletes will be excused from the band rehearsal in order to attend the game. However, it may be possible to attend the band practice during the study table time. If that does not work out, the student will be excused from the band practice. Missing the rehearsal for an athletic game will not negatively impact the student’s grade.

If there is a PRACTICE, athletes will be excused from practice in order to attend the performance. 

If there is a GAME, please see Mrs. Davoll. 


In order for an 8th grade student to perform, parents must fill out this form. Completion of the form will serve as verification that all students and parents have read and understand information above. Please contact Mrs. Davoll with any questions you may have.