Weaver Band

Welcome to band at Weaver Middle School!

I am thrilled you have chosen to become part of the Weaver Middle School Band. I have an exciting year planned, and I am eagerly awaiting your input to help the band and music department reach its fullest potential.

Learning to be a part of a group is a valuable educational experience. Through the study of music, you also learn dedication, dependability, camaraderie, and leadership. Each student is important to the entire group’s performance, Therefore, it is essential that parents, teacher, and students work together to emphasize these goals.

I am proud to be the band director at Weaver. Please know that while I will always give you my best effort during and outside of class time, I am sure to make mistakes. My hope is that we can work together to make the band program at WMS the best it can be.

Part of the fun of band is the challenge to perform at a higher level at each concert! I have a strong commitment to musical excellence that drives my class. I ask that my students do their best each day and always work to make their best a little better. Let’s have a great year!

Mrs. Davoll