Practice Logs

Practice logs begin the week of September 20!  Practice Logs are a required part of the band grade in Tharp Band.

How Does It Work?
Practice Log Links are located in Canvas.  We will download the weekly practice log and discuss the Assignment together every Monday during band class.  The assignment is written on the log, so even if a student is absent on Monday, they can still see what they should practice for the week. The practice log is a “daily checklist”.  Students should check mark the items they practiced and record the amount of time practiced each day.  At the end of the week, a parent needs to sign and then it is submitted to Canvas on Monday of the following week.  We will take class time every Monday to submit the weekly practice log.

How Long Do I Practice?
Students are required to practice a minimum of 60 minutes each week (3 days of 20 minutes).  Percussionists should split their time between bells and pad as indicated on the weekly practice log.

How Are Practice Logs Graded?
Practice logs are 6 points each week.

  • 2 Points for each day they practice 20 minutes (students will get 1 point for a day of practice that is less than 20 minutes)
  • +1/2 point for each day practice day beyond 3 days (Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7 of practice will each receive +1/2 point).  There is a possibility of 2 extra credit points for every practice log.

How Do Practice Logs Get Submitted?
All practice logs are due to Canvas the following Monday.  Please get them signed Sunday evening so you can submit on time. ALL practice logs MUST be signed by an adult to receive any points.  DO NOT submit a practice log without a parent signature.  Parents can sign with a finger or stylus – please no typed signatures.

Private Lessons?
If your child takes private lessons on their band instrument, they can count that lesson time as a day of practice.  They should check the box that says “Private Lesson” on the checklist for that day.

Other FAQ’s

  • All practice sheets MUST be signed by a guardian for students to receive credit.
  • If a student practices more than 3 days, they will receive extra credit.
  • Percussionists should practice both bells and pad each week (as indicated by their practice log)
  • I DO accept all late practice logs without penalty as long as the student did the practice (you cannot make up practice time on a different week). Students are STRONGLY encouraged to develop a habit of turning them in weekly.
  • If a student cannot practice during the week (due to illness, vacation, instrument repair), the student should write “REPAIR” or “SICK” on the practice log, get it signed by an adult, and submit on time.