Students will receive a letter grade each 12-week grading period for band.  Band members will be evaluated each 12-weeks in five major areas:

Daily Participation and Behavior

Students are expected to attend and bring their instrument to all band classes.Students receive 3 points each day for bringing their instrument and participating.  Students will lose 1 point each time their instrument is forgotten.  They will still keep the other 2 participation points if they are fingering along and participating as best they can without an instrument.  Lack of participation (with or without an instrument) will result in lost points.

Daily Material Checks

Students are expected to bring all materials necessary to all band classes. Students receive 2 points each day for bring all of the following materials:  Binder, Band Book,iPad, and pencil.  Students will lose 1/2 a point daily for each missing material.

Individual Practice

Students are expected to maintain a record of consistent daily practice to be turned in weekly. Each practice log is worth 5 points. The students’ goal is 60 minutes (either 4 days of 15 minutes or 3 days of 20 minutes – please no less than 3 days) of practice every week. For more details about practice logs, please see the Practice Log link to the left.

Musicianship (playing quizzes and rhythm worksheets)

Students will be required to periodically perform playing quizzes and do written quizzes to evaluate musical progress and understanding of knowledge. ALL quizzes (written and playing) will be announced for students to practice and prepare.


As an important part of the band experience, we do have a few out-of-school concerts. Performances are mandatory and worth 30 points of the grade. Any conflicts need to be in writing and given to a director BEFORE the concert. Illness and family emergencies need to be explained in writing on the next band day.