Holiday Ensemble/Tiger Band

It is very important to challenge every level of musical learner.  To challenge the students in the Tharp Band that are high achieving in both their musical ability and behavior/attitude, I organize extra band performance opportunities.  These groups are by invitation only.  Students are identified by daily participation and success on playing quizzes.


Holiday Ensemble:  This group is identified and organized at the beginning of November.  Students in this group practice during the Explore period and rehearse more challenging holiday music to perform for elementary students at the end of December.  Holiday Ensemble students will take a field trip during the school day and travel by school bus to two different elementary schools to perform. Exact dates and times of these field trips will be given to parents and students once the group begins.

Tiger Band:  This group is identified and organized after Spring Break.  Students in Tiger Band practice twice a week after school.  Tiger Band is an opportunity for high achieving students to practice and perform more challenging music and musical concepts.  Tiger Band has an evening concert for parents at the end of May.  Tiger Band also takes a field trip to perform at one elementary school at the end of May.