Talent Show Directions and Permission Form

April 28, 2016


Dear Parents,


Congratulations on your student making the Hilliard Station 2016 Talent Show!  There were many talented acts and it is an honor to be chosen!  The talent show has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 1st.  It will be held from 8:00 a.m. to approximately

11:00 a.m. on the Memorial stage.  This is a student performance only as there will be limited seating.

Each performer will be asked to come to one practice followed immediately by a parent performance, which will be held on Tuesday, May 31st from 5:30 p.m. until 9:00p.m.  The students should meet Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Logan in the Memorial auditorium.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for a 5:30 start time.  The practice will be a partial run-through of all the acts.  We ask that each act have all props and costumes ready.  The rehearsal will be followed by a parent performance beginning at 7:00 pm  to last approximately 1.5  hours. Parents may park in the lot between Memorial and Station. If you are unable to make the parent performance, please be ready to pick up your student at 8:45 pm.   Due to the length of the after school practice/performance, students are encouraged to bring a drink and a snack to eat during the rehearsal.  Keep in mind that this is a huge day for the students with Track and Field day during the day.  Please remind them to stay hydrated, put on sun screen and take care of themselves to avoid exhaustion.  We are at the mercy of Memorial as to when we can use the stage, so this evening was our only option.  Thank you for your understanding and support.


Some participants are using backing music for their acts.   Mrs. Grubbs will need a copy of the music in the form of a CD (preferred) or mp3 by May 6th.


Thank you for your support of this fun activity!

Please sign below and return to Mrs. Grubbs no later than Friday, May 6th.



Joy! Grubbs

Hilliard Station Music


I have read and understand that there will be a rehearsal for talent show on Tuesday, May 31st from 5:30– 7:00pm followed by a parent performance lasting until 9:00pm.  My child will be present with their costume, and any props involved.




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