Madagascar Rehearsal Schedule

Madagascar Rehearsal Schedule

Musical Club Schedule

All rehearsals will be held from 2:45 – 5:15 PM unless otherwise specified.  *Some additional rehearsals will be required of lead parts.

All rehearsals will be held on the Station stage after the auditions and first two rehearsals,  which will be held in the Station choir room.  Students are to meet Mrs. Grubbs in the auditorium for attendance before each rehearsal.  Parents should pick up in the parking lot between Station and the HUB promptly at 5:15 p.m.



Tuesday, January 8 – Auditions.  Auditions will end at 5:00 pm.

Thursday, January 10 – Callbacks.  Only students asked to come to callbacks.   Students are allowed to leave once completed.

Friday, January 11 – Parts posted on the music website by 4 PM.

Tuesday, January 15 – Read through with whole cast.  Measurements taken.  Please be sure your student knows their clothing sizes.  Rehearsal will

end at 4:45 PM.

Thursday, January 17 –   Music and Choreography (Living in Paradise, Welcome to Me and I Like to Move It) –

Cast Called:  Gloria, Melman, Alex, Marty, King Julien, Maurice, Lemurs

Tuesday, January 22nd –Block It’s Showtime – *** This is a change!*** Cast Called:  Gloria, Melman, Marty, Mason, Zookeepers, Zoo Guests, Lionesses,  and Penguins – originally this was whole cast, but not everyone needs to be there.  

Wednesday, January 23rd – Choreograph Wild and Free (Marty only), Block pg. 20 – 28 – Gloria, Melman, Alex, Marty and Mason

Thursday, January 24th – Review It’s Showtime and I Like to Move It, Block pg. 12-13, Choreo. Wild and Free for cast, Choreo. Relax, Be Cool – Whole Cast.

Tuesday, January 29 –  Review blocking pg. 20 – 28, Block Grand Central, Block Penguins Sea Shanty Review Welcome to Me and I Like to Move It. –

Cast Called:  King Julien, Lemurs, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Lionesses, Mason, Penguins

Wednesday, January 30 – Block pgs. 38-48, 57-61  Review Sea Shanty and I Like to Move It, Living in Paradise – Cast Called:  Lemurs, King Julien,                                                           Penguins, Marty,  Alex, Mason, Gloria, Melman and Ship’s Captain.

Friday, February 1 – Review scene 1, block pgs. 28 – 31, Review rest of scene 2, Review scene 3, Review scene 4 and block Foosas– All Cast called.  This is a change from the original calendar.

Saturday, February 2 – 9AM – Noon – Dance rehearsal.  Each dance to be rehearsed at different times.  A specific call sheet will come out 1 week before

this rehearsal.  Please block out morning until you know your call times.

Tuesday, February 5  – Review Steak, Block pg. 69,  Choreo. Sea Shanty Reprise, Block pg. 71, Review Living in Paradise, Block pgs. 79-83, Block pgs. 57-61 and pg. 69, block pg. 79-83 – Cast Called:  Alex, Servers, Marty, Penguins, Melman, King Julien, Gloria, and Lemurs

Wednesday, February 6th – ** Rehearsal will end at 4:50!!!!  – block pg. 28 – 31, Choreograph Relax Be Cool, Review scene 3, block pg. 43-48 – cast called:  Candy, passerby, Camerman, Gloria, Melman, Marty and Alex, Newspaper man, Old Lady, penguins, police officers, subway announcer, animal control officers, Mason, ship’s captain, Mort, Lew, Lynn, Lee, Lars and Maurice.  

Thursday, February 7 – Choreo. Foosa Hungry, Choreo Best Friends Reprise, Choreo King of Madagascar, Review other numbers – All Cast called.

*Saturday, February 9 – CREW and Cast with a parent – Set Build Day!  9am-12pm and 3pm-5pm.  Look for a sign up genius coming home.  Please sign up for a time slot that works for your schedule.  

Tuesday, February 12 – Choreograph I Like to Move It Reprise, Choreo Together Forever, Review pg. 61-90 – All Cast Called

Thursday, February 14–  Off Book!  Lead characters only to review songs and blocking.  (Marty, Alex, King Julien, Gloria, Melman, Penguins and                                                           Mason)

Tuesday, February 19 – Whole cast  – Off Book!  Run show Scene 1-4.

February 20th – cancelled

Thursday, February 21 – Whole Cast – Off book!  Run show Scenes 5-7.

*Monday, February 25 – CREW ONLY!  45 minute tech crew meeting and rehearsal to determine assignments and meet the stage managers. Parent pick up at 3:30 PM.

Tuesday, February 26 –Whole Cast and Crew!  – Run show – Crew in audience to watch show run.

Wednesday, February 27 – (Tech rehearsal Scenes Opening –4) whole cast and crew

Thursday, February 28 – (Tech rehearsal Scenes 5-7) whole cast and crew

*Saturday, March 2 – (9am – noon) DANCE REHEARSAL– whole cast – I will send out a detailed call time sheet.  Not all students will need to be at rehearsal the entire time, but are all called for a portion of the rehearsal.  Fittings will also take place at this rehearsal!  Costume parade – this means to bring all of your costume pieces with you to show the costumer.  Pictures will be taken!  No Crew

Tuesday, March 5 – whole cast and crew – Run Show

Wednesday, March 6– whole cast and crew – Run Show

Thursday, March 7 –whole cast and crew – Run Show

Friday, March 8 – DRY DRESS REHEARSAL (Costumes, but no make-up) – whole cast and crew.

Monday, March 11 – DRESS REHEARSAL – whole cast and crew. –  Cast Pictures!

Tuesday, March 12 – DRESS REHEARSAL – whole cast and crew.

Wednesday, March 13 – DRESS REHEARSAL – whole cast and crew.

Thursday, March 14 – PERFORMANCE #1!

School performance – morning performance 7:30 am call time to meet Mrs. Grubbs.  Have costumes and make-up ready to go, but do not wear costumes to school.  This performance is for staff and students only.

Thursday, March 14 – PERFORMANCE #2!

6:15 PM – Cast and crew to report to Station stage in costume/make-up

  1.  Mic. check, props check, stage set, costumes and make-up, notes from director, warm-ups.

7:00p.m. – PERFORMANCE!!!! (It will last about an hour.)

Friday, March 15 – Performance #3 for students and staff only.

School performance – morning performance 7:30 am call to meet Mrs. Grubbs.  Have costumes and make-up ready to go, but do not wear costumes to school.  – This performance is for staff and students only.

Friday, March 15 – Performance #4

6:15 PM – cast and crew to report to Station stage  in costume/make-up

  1. check, props check, stage set, costumes, and make-up, notes from director, warm-ups.
  2. 7 PM – performance

Saturday, March 16 – Strike set.  This is for all crew with parent helpers and a few other volunteers.  There will be a sign-up genius going home.