Madagascar Expectations



Musical Club is a performing group.  Therefore there are expectations in this club which may not occur in other clubs.

  • Attendance: All students are required to be at rehearsals unless:
    • They have an excuse from a parent
    • They have an absence from school

Three unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the club.

  • Behavior: Classroom behavior is expected.
    • Students are never to leave the practice area without letting an adult know.
    • Students will receive a strike if acting inappropriately or not following directions. If three strikes are given during rehearsals, the student will be dismissed from the club.
  • Costumes: Participation fees will cover the cost of costumes.  Each cast member needs to provide undergarments and shoes.  See costume page on the musical website for specifics.
  • Parent pick-up will be promptly at 5:15 in the parking lot between Station and the HUB.   Please refer to the rehearsal schedule and only have your child report to practice on the days they are scheduled to come.


I know that these expectations are high, but we have much to accomplish in a short time!

With hard work and focus, we can make musical club the highlight of the year!


Mrs. Grubbs


Here is a link that will answer all of your questions!


If you do have a question, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.