Madagascar Costumes

Parents!  We have decided to costume this show ourselves!  The majority of the cast participation fee will be to cover the rental of costumes and/or purchased costume pieces.  However, each student will be responsible for shoes and undergarments, plus a simple black base.   There will be several costume changes by the ensembles and we do not have separate dressing rooms for girls and boys.  It’s important that students are always modestly covered.  All students should have a black long sleeved t shirt and black pants (leggings for girls, dress pants for boys).   Shoes should be black flats, dance flats, or combat boots for the girls and black dress shoes or boots for the boys.  No tennis shoes please.

Characters costume breakdown

The link above provides a detail of what each character needs.  Please go through each character your child plays to make an exact list.  Costumes will be due for the costume parade on March 2nd.