Madagascar Audition Instructions


  1.  Register by filling out the registration form (below)  and giving it and your $35 cash or check (Hilliard Music Boosters) to Mrs. Grubbs.
  2. Prepare for your audition!
    1. Practice the song Grand Central to sing at auditions.
    2. Decide what character might best fit you.
  3. Come to the auditions in the choir room on Tuesday, January 8th!  All students will get a part and your audition will determine your part. Please only sign up for the musical club if you will accept any part.  The auditions will be highly competitive and not everyone will receive the part they are most hoping for, but all will be cast.
  4.  Auditions will end by 5:15 PM.  Parent pick up is between the Station auditorium and the HUB in the back parking lot.
    1. You will be asked to fill out an audition form.
    2. You will be asked to sing “Grand Central” – You can pass and not sing, but you will not be considered for any of the lead character parts.  All soloists will be singing in front of an audience of 500 during the performances!
    3. You will be asked to do a cold reading from the show.
  5. Depending on what I see during the auditions, you may be asked to come to a call back on Thursday, January 10th.  Call backs will be posted on the congratulations cast tab by 10 PM Tuesday, January 8th.  You will be asked to sing another song , specific to your audition part and do some more readings so that I can decide on the best actor for each character.  All students who are called back for a role can see Mrs. Grubbs on Wednesday, January 9th to receive their role packet which will include the song they need to prepare for the audition.


Parts will be posted on this website no later than Friday,  January 11th by 4PM.  All students should plan to attend the read through after school on January 15th to find out who got what parts and to meet the whole cast.  We will rehearse until 4:45 that evening.  Some roles will be measured for costuming.  Please be sure your child knows their basic sizing.  (Pants/dress/shirt/T-shirt)

Announcing 2019 Musical Club Registration – Madagascar Jr!

Please fill out this form and submit with your payment; cash or check  $35(Hilliard Music Boosters).

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