Station’s Grading Policy/General Information

Hilliard Station Band Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to welcome you to the Hilliard Station Band program.  This year you will have the opportunity to continue to be a part of the tradition of high quality music that is part of the Hilliard City School District.  We would like to communicate with you the important events of the year as well as additional information about band.  We look forward to working with your talented musicians!


Diana Nicklas

Band Director


Band members will be evaluated each twelve weeks in five major areas:

Daily Participation and Attendance

Students are expected to attend and bring all materials necessary everyday.  Each day is worth 2 participation points.  Any day a student forgets his/her instrument is –1 points, missing book or pencil is –1 point and *unexcused absences are –2 points.

*An unexcused absence is any day that the student is in school, but does not attend band.  Students are expected to attend band everyday, unless excused by a band director prior to the class


Individual Practice

Students are expected to maintain a record of consistent practice to be turned in weekly.  Each practice sheet is worth 4 points.  The students’ goal is 4 days of practice each week.  If a student cannot practice for several days during the week (i.e. repair, illness, vacation, etc.), the student should indicate this reason on the practice sheet and still turn it in for credit.  These reasons will be taken into consideration when a grade is given.  Private lessons and any non-school performances can be marked on the practice sheet for credit.  All practice sheets must be signed by an adult to receive credit.


Musicianship (playing quizzes and rhythm worksheets)

Students will be required to periodically perform playing quizzes and do written worksheets to evaluate musical progress and understanding of knowledge.  ALL worksheets and playing quizzes will be announced for students to practice and prepare.



There will be occasionally out of school written assignments in addition to the expected practice minutes.  Station homework policies apply.



As an important part of the band experience, we do have a few out-of-school concerts.  Performances are mandatory and worth 50 points of the grade.  Any conflict needs to be in writing and given to a director BEFORE the concert.  Illness and family emergencies need to be in writing and given to Mrs. Nicklas as soon as possible in order to be given an alternative assignment.

 General Information:


We do one fund raiser a year.  This is to purchase necessary instruments and equipment that benefit our sixth grade band!  We start our sale in late October and our product  is delivered in early December which makes a great holiday gift! More detailed information will follow.

Private Lessons

All students are encouraged to take private lessons outside of school in addition to the weekly group lesson in school. Private lessons provide students with individualized instruction from teachers who specialize on the same instrument as your child.  If you are interested in studying privately, contract Mrs. Nicklas and she will provide a list of names and phone numbers of reputable private teachers in the area.

Concert Dress

Boys: White shirt, black pants, and black shoes

Girls: White shirt, black pants, or skirt and black shoes.  All skirts must be knee length or longer.



Please feel free to contact me at Hilliard Station Sixth Grade at 921-6800 or   Parental support and encouragement are vitally important for your child’s musical life.  Thank you in advance for your support!