Practice Records

Students are expected to maintain a record of consistent  practice to be turned in weekly.  Practicing is essential to the success of each band member.  Students who practice consistently are more successful on their instrument and enjoy playing more.


Practice Sheets are a required part of the band grade in the Station Band. Students receive a practice sheet every Monday and turn it in the following Monday. All practice sheets are worth 4 points. Students will receive 1 point each day they practice (goal is 4 days = 4 points). A “day” of practice must be at least 15 minutes and should include some “sectional”, some “lesson” and some “full band” assignment.  Each time a student practices doesn’t mean that they need to practice everything every time, BUT I shouldn’t see only one song as the only thing they practice. With the introduction of iPads we are going to be doing practice sheets on their iPads.  There is a parent signature required each Sunday evening so that students can turn in their sheets by Monday.  Links will be attached soon!


  • All practice sheets MUST be signed by a guardian for students to receive credit.
  • If a student does 4 days of practice and gets more than 100 minutes they will receive 1 bonus point for the week.
  • I DO accept all late practice sheets for partial credit.
  • Students may add Private Lessons as practice minutes on the chart. Be sure to mark down “Private Lesson”.