Theory Time!

Theory Time is a way to work on various important musical concepts in a way that allows differentiation and intervention opportunities. While there is a goal for each concept, students can choose which concept to work on and will be permitted to move at a pace that is appropriate for their level of musicianship. Directions for completing each level are posted on the MMS Orchestra Canvas page.

Students who successfully complete the five Theory Time challenges will be permitted to review concepts or go on to more challenging apps that will stretch their learning. They can also work as a peer tutor to someone else in their ensemble who may be struggling.

In order to complete Theory Time, all students need to have their iPads in class and charged on a daily basis. Along with using exercises provided on this webpage, the free apps needed are (please create an ORCHESTRA folder on your homepage to hold these apps):

insTuner Free (Xanin Technology)

Metrotimer Metronome (Onyx Apps)

*Notability (Ginger Labs)

*Quizlet- Flashcards & Study Tools (Quizlet LLC)

Rhythm Cat Lite HD- Learn to Read Music (LMuse Limited)

Scales Tutor (Musikeys, LLC)


*Notability and Quizlet may be used by multiple teachers. If this is the case, put the app where it will be easily accessible for all classes.