Little Mermaid Characters

*Indicates non-singing role.

Ariel – Lead – A little mermaid who wants to become human.

Prince Eric – A prince who would rather explore the ocean than govern a kingdom.

Flounder – A rambunctious young fish and Ariel’s best friend.

Ursula – A sea witch with a vendetta.

*King Triton – the King of the sea and Ariel’s father

Scuttle – a zany seagull and self-proclaimed expert on humans.

Sebastian – An anxious crab and court composer for King Triton.

*Grimsby – Prince Eric’s valet.

*Carlotta – Headmistress in Prince Eric’s palace.

Flotsam and Jetsam – Electric eels and Ursula’s henchmen.

Chef Louis – Head chef in Prince Eric’s palace.

Seahorse – Herald in King Triton’s court.

Pilot – Driver of Prince Eric’s ship.

Mersisters – The daughter’s of King Triton and Ariel’s sisters.

Chefs – Chef Louis’s assistants.

Sailors – Crew of Prince Eric’s ship.

Gulls – Scuttles friends and fellow seagulls.

Princesses – Neighborly royalty vying for Prince Eric’s hand in marriage.

Tentacles – Extensions of Ursula.  Perhaps poor unfortunate souls.

Lagoon Animals – Musical creatures in Prince Eric’s lagoon.

Merfolk and Sea creatures – Residents of King Triton’s kingdom.

Sea Chorus – storytelling inhabitants of the sea