Blizzard Bag Assignment

Welcome to the Heritage Middle School Band Blizzard Bag!

Please download the following home practice assignment:  HMS Detailed Practice Record

This assignment is due, back to Mr. Burke, no later than two weeks from today! (Current snow day).

This assignment should take 20 minutes to complete.

Have fun and see you soon!

Mr. Burke



What is a “blizzard bag?”

A blizzard bag is when assignments are posted online for students to complete at home during calamity days.  Students have up to two weeks to complete the assignment and turn it in for credit.  Students who do not have Internet access at home will receive the assignment when they return to classes.

When would we use this option?

Hilliard City Schools will only use this option should it become necessary to use more than the five allotted calamity days.  Ohio Revised Code only allows school districts to use up to three days of blizzard bag options for credit towards calamity days.  Any school closures beyond the five allotted calamity and three blizzard bag days will have to be made up at the end of the school year.

How are the lessons made available to students?

The district, school or teacher will make the lessons available online to all students by 11 a.m. on the calamity day.  This may include posting the lesson to the teacher’s website, eCampus, social media feed, email distribution list or other electronic communication option.  If a student does not have Internet access then it is their responsibility to ask for a paper copy of the lesson once they return to school.