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Because everyone has different mouth, arm, and hand shapes, each student will be more successful on certain instruments than others. Therefore, we strongly encourage each student to go through a fitting where they will get the opportunity to try out different instruments with a qualified musician to help them choose an instrument that they will be successful playing. Click the link above to sign up for a fitting. These fittings will take place on

Tuesday, February 4
Wednesday, February 5
Thursday, February 6

 between the hours of 4:00-8:00pm in the Station Sixth Grade Cafeteria. Band Directors will be available to assist you and your child in finding the best instrument for them.

Please Note:  Since students will be placed in a band class based on their chosen instrument, it will be very difficult for students to switch instruments once the school year has started.  Therefore, please take the time at the fitting to make a wise and informed decision.

Diana Nicklas (Station) at or 921-6800