STEP 3: Shop for an Instrument


Not all instruments are created equal. Being a smart shopper will pay off in the long run for parents, but your child will notice an immediate difference during their new educational endeavor. When buying brand new instruments from online companies or local stores not specializing in music, you can run the risk of a “bad deal”. A “discount” price usually means cheaper parts that won’t hold up over time. Although companies are attempting to improve each year, we recommend purchasing/renting an instrument from the recommended brand list. These brands have stood the test of time, continue to “perform” at a high level each year, and endure the normal wear and tear for many years. Local instrument rental companies are the best source for finding these instruments. Purchasing a “cheaper” instrument just to see if your child likes band may not offer the quality they need to identify their music skills. Beginning their musical education on a proper working and a well maintained instrument is essential to setting your child up for success in band.


In today’s market, there are many places to buy or rent an instrument for your young musician. We recommend shopping around for the best quality, price, and maintenance plan and to consider the future relationship with your instrument provider. Be wary of unfamiliar brands and drastically discounted items.

We strongly recommend purchasing/renting from a local instrument provider. The quality of each instrument rented/sold is guaranteed by the company and a future relationship for repairs, upgrades, accessory purchases, and guidance can be found no where else. Below are links to local music stores – feel free to browse their websites. See in the link to the left of this webpage for suggestions on questions to ask instrument providers as you are shopping.


Music and Arts

Rettig Music

Buckeye Brass and Winds

Kincaid’s Music

Obtaining an instrument from family and friends can be a very affordable way to find one. For those obtaining a pre-owned instrument, please have the instrument checked by a quality technician (allow several weeks just in case) to ensure proper working condition, especially if it has not been played in several years. Also, obtain the necessary supplies that are needed for your chosen instrument. Contact a local music store for repair information and supplies.