Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I cannot attend the parent meeting? Can my son/daughter still participate in the band/strings program?
    Yes. The Zoom Meeting recording will be posted on the home page. We encourage you to watch that video at your convenience.  Remember to sign up for a fitting (see the “fitting’ link to the left), and contact Nicole Brocke (Tharp) or Diana Nicklas (Station) if you have any questions
  • I have older children who have gone through the program. Do I still need to attend the parent meeting?
    During this COVID year, there are several changes/differences to the sign-up process.  We encourage you to attend the meeting or watch the post zoom recording.  If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Brocke (Tharp) or Diana Nicklas (Station).
  • We already have an instrument at home. Do we need to attend the parent meeting and/or sign up for a “fitting”?
    We strongly encourage all parents to attend the meeting if possible to get all of the information about the Hilliard Band Program. We also encourage you to sign up for a “fitting”. You can use this time to make sure that your instrument is in good working condition and will be a good “fit” for your child.  **ALL students registering for percussion MUST complete a fitting. Percussionists will be selected based on fitting success and behavior recommendations from previous teachers.
  • If my child does not take band in sixth grade, can he/she join band in seventh grade?
    The beginning instrumental program is only offered in sixth grade.  If a student wants to join in seventh grade or later during the sixth grade year, he/she will be required to take private lessons to catch up on the missed materials before joining the group.


Nicole Brocke (Tharp) at Nicole_Brocke@hboe.org or 921-6900
Diana Nicklas (Station) at Diana_Nicklas@hboe.org or 921-6801