Music Booster – Davidson Chapter

Who are we and what do we do?

The Hilliard Music Booster Organization supports all music activities throughout the district.  The HMB is the parent organization under which three “chapters” work to support the three high school/middle school attendance areas.

The Davidson Chapter of the Hilliard Music Boosters is an active parent group which includes Davidson HS, Weaver MS, and Tharp 6th Grade Building.  The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.  Typically, we will either be in the band room, the PAC, or the Experimental Theater at Davidson High School.  Other locations may be determined and publicized on the Calendar of Events.

Chapter Officers for 2022-23

Officer elections take place in April.  Terms run July 1 to June 30.

Committee Chairs for 2022-23

MANY THANKS to the volunteers who chaired committees during our previous marching seasons and have since “graduated”.  You are much appreciated!

If you have not gotten involved with the band and would like to do so, please reach out to one of the amazing committee chairs listed below.  If you would like to read a quick overview of each areas and what their approximate roles are within the band, please click here.

Included below are email addresses for each individual who chairs each committee.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact these individuals or a band director.  Everyone is welcome and all are encouraged to try something this year!

Volunteering Badges

If you are planning to volunteering with the band in any capacity, it is required that you get a volunteer badge through Hilliard City Schools.  The district has made this as painless as possible and if offering it completely online.  It does cost $17 to complete, but the process is very smooth.  Please get this taken care of early as it does take time to process.  Here is the link to that information:

Sign-Up Genius

In addition to these people being endless resources of help and information, many of our volunteer events are accompanied by a Sign-Up genius page managed by the respective committee chair members.  If that is applicable and you are interested in becoming involved in that way, you can find the links below.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes will be posted here after each month’s meeting. 

August – 22-23 August Meeting Minutes

September – 22-23 September Meeting Minutes

October – 21-22 October Meeting Minutes

November – 21-22 November Booster Minutes

December – no meeting

January –21-22 January Booster Minutes

February – no meeting

March –

April – 21-22 April Meeting Minutes

May – 2020-21 May Meeting Minutes

June –