Band Leadership

2022-23 Marching Band Field Commanders

Josh Crawford, Senior

Maggie Foster, Senior

JP Rheinfrank, Junior

2022-23 Band Officers

President: Elyse Kesterson

Vie-President: Michael Malone

Secretary: Lucy Harris

Freshmen Representative: Ella Tornes

Student Leaders

Student Leadership positions consist of Field Commanders, Squad Leaders, and Band Officers.  Students interested in serving the band in one of these positions are required to earn “service points” throughout the year.  These positions then are decided upon at different times during the year and have varying requirements.

  • Field Commander auditions for the coming year take place in April.  Students must have accumulated 50 leadership points in order to apply.
  • Squad leaders can apply for and will be selected in May.  Students must have accumulated 35 leadership points in order to apply.
  • Band officers are elected by the students during the first days of band camp.

 How to earn service points.

Students may earn points by serving the band program in a variety of ways or by participating in activities that help further an individual’s musicianship (which in turn helps the band program).  A few of the more popular ways to earn service points are:

  • Receiving private lessons. (10 pts)
  • Participation in school Jazz Band. (10 pts)
  • Performing with the basketball pep band. (7 pts per game)
  • Performing in the Pit orchestra for the theater productions. (10 pts)
  • Participating in the OMEA Solo & Ensemble adjudicated event. (Solo: 10 pts, Ensemble: 5 pts for 1 only)
  • Performing with an outside group on your band instrument. (up to 5 pts)
  • Volunteering for a band event. Ex: 6th grade night. (up to 5 pts)
  • Attending non-required band concerts or classical music events. (At directors’ discretion, must present concert program as proof of attendance)

Mr. Ley is the keeper of the points.  It is your responsibility to let him know when you earn service points.