Concert Ensembles

2019-20 Concert Band Handbook

2019 Concert Band Handbook

Concert Dates 2019-20

Our concerts for the 2017-18 School year are on the following dates.  Please have them on your home calendars as they are required events for all students.  This is a performance based class and we need every member of our ensembles present to put forth the best performance possible.

Fall Band Concert- November 12th, 7pm

Solo and Ensemble- January 25th; details TBD

Wind Symphony Side-By-Side concert with OSU Symphonic Band- February 13th, 7pm

OMEA Preview Concert- February 27th, 7pm

OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event- March 13th and 14th; details TBD

Spring Band Concert- April 30th, 7pm

Graduation- May 22nd.  *For select individuals; details TBD

Major Scales (by instrument)

Flute Major Scales

Oboe Major Scales

Clarinet Major Scales

Bass Clarinet Major Scales

Conra-bass Clarinet Major Scales

Alto Sax Major Scales

Tenor Sax Major Scales

Bari Sax Major Scales

Trumpet/TC Baritone Major Scales

Horn Major Scales

Trombone/BC Baritone/Bassoon Major Scales

Tuba Major Scales

Mallet Major Scales