Concert Ensembles

Concert Band Handbook

Concert Dates 2022-23

The music students at Hilliard Davidson High School work hard every day in school to prepare terrific performances for our audiences while learning how to become better musicians and instrumentalists.  Thank you for your support of and attendance at the following performances:

Fall Band Concert- November 10th, 7pm

Solo and Ensemble- January 21st in Reynoldsburg.

OMEA Preview/Winter Concert- February 23rd, 7pm

OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event March 3rd & 4th

Percussion Ensemble Concert- March 9th, 7pm

Spring Band Concert- May 4th, 7pm

Graduation- May 26th.  TBD

Major Scales (by instrument)

Flute Major Scales

Oboe Major Scales

Clarinet Major Scales

Bass Clarinet Major Scales

Conra-bass Clarinet Major Scales

Alto Sax Major Scales

Tenor Sax Major Scales

Bari Sax Major Scales

Trumpet/TC Baritone Major Scales

Horn Major Scales

Trombone/BC Baritone/Bassoon Major Scales

Tuba Major Scales

Mallet Major Scales