Charms/Band Fees

Here is a helpful document for accessing Charms:

*****CLICK HERE   Charms User Guide   CLICK HERE*****

Accessing Student Accounts

The Hilliard Music Booster uses a web based management program called Charms to track students’ individual accounts.  You may log in by clicking the link below and following these procedures.
  • Sign into your Charms account:
  • Enter our school code:  DavidsonMusic
  • Enter your student’s password:  The first time you log in, your password is your student’s HCSD Student ID number.  Charms will require you to change your password for better security – this new password will be your password going forward.

Adding Adults to an account

Charms accounts are established for students, but adults are highly encouraged to add their information to the account so that you can receive emails.  To do that, please do the following:

  • Once signed-in to Charms, there should be several icons at the top of the screens to edit your profile.  The second from the left should be the profile of a person.  If you hover over the icon, it should say “Student Info”.  Click on this.
  • Under that icon, you should see “Personal Information” and “Change Password”.  Select the first.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see “Add Adult”.  Use this option to add yourself and your contact information.

Accessing Documents/Files

In addition to mass email communications and student financial accounts, we also use the Charms management system to store documents that you can access at any time.  This includes the sheet music for the coming year’s Marching Band Show.  To access these documents:
  • Sign into your Charms account using the same procedures as above.
  • There will be a set of icons with labels.  You will find all the documents that we have uploaded for your use under the “Handouts & Files” section.
  • Everything should be in PDF format so you should have no problem downloading and printing the documents.

Accessing Volunteer Opportunities

This year, we are using Charms in a new way!  We will be posting some volunteering opportunities for the season and managing certain events as needs. Events like Tag Day, the Ice Cream Social, and our concessions needs are posted there.  We will try to send links to most of these events in our weekly emailed Blurbs, but if needed you can also use the following steps to engage in any volunteering events.

  • Go to just as you do to pay fees.
  • Enter our school code: DavidsonMusic.
  • Enter your student’s password.
  • Click on the “Public Calendar” icon or the “Calendar” tab at the top.
  • Events are shown by date on the calendar.  To register for a volunteering shift, click on the event displayed on the calendar OR on the colorful hand pictured below the event title.
  • You can also select the “Volunteer” tab and use the drop down “Volunteer Needs” menu to see events in list form.

Donating Online

Please consider donating to the band through our online system.  If you are a Davidson family, please also take a moment and send this link out to your family and friends far and wide.  We would love the support of all those whose lives we touch. For directions, please click Here

If you need assistance (i.e., forgotten password) or have questions regarding fee payments or Charms, contact Vicki McGovern at
If you wish to write a check for fees, please make the check payable to Hilliard Music Boosters.  Checks should be sent to:
Hilliard Music Boosters – Davidson Chapter
P.O. Box 912
Hilliard, Ohio  43026

Also, please put your band member’s name in the memo line.  THANKS!!