Mindful Music Moments

students with eyes closed listening to music

Mindful Music Moments is an innovative program that was brought to Horizon to help create a calmer, focused and balanced start to the school day or during transition periods. This program not only promotes mindfulness but allows the children to be exposed to classical and opera music in the classroom. Mindful Music Moments partners with Columbus Symphony, Columbus Association for the Performing Arts, Opera Columbus, The Cleveland Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony, and the Cincinnati Opera to create audio recordings that last on average, four minutes, which prompts students to sit back, focus, and get their minds ready to learn.

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, increase happiness, focus, productivity, self-awareness, willpower, memory, and health. Not only has this program helped our kids here at Horizon, it allows our staff to have the same opportunity to recharge and refocus during the school day. The curriculum for Mindful Music Moments also includes talking points, questions, and activities that staff can do with the students to enhance their understanding of the purpose of the song and the concept of Mindful Music Moments.