May is Mental Health Month

Mental Health Image

“We need to change the culture around topics such as mental health, suicide, and substance abuse and make it ok to talk about the challenges that we are facing. Our kids are counting on us!”

We are focused on:

  •  The promotion of mental wellness
  • The prevention of and response to drug abuse and addictive behaviors
  • The prevention of suicide and response to self-harming behaviors
  • The prevention of and response to bullying

This year we have provided the following programs and resources for our district community:

  • Hope Squad
  • Immunizations
  • Dentists in schools
  • Angst about anxiety awareness
  • LIKE, social media awareness
  • Be Well, Parent University Seminar
  • What Made Maddy Run, book talks
  • Signs of suicide in health classes
  • Overall awareness that “it’s ok to not be ok.”


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